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2 Pretty And Easy Boho Hairstyles
by Barbara williams April 7, 2018

Boho hairstyles always bring a unique attraction for women beauty. Many women think that these hairstyles are quite complicated but they don’t know that these hairstyles are very easy to do. This time we would like to introduce to you.

** Let’s take a look at this tutorial video first **

Typical characteristics of the Boho hairstyles

+ Messy and loose curls

+ Different size of braids

+ Tangled hair

Natural curly and tangled hair

These things make the Boho hairstyles look messy and seem to be hard. Actually, we can make Boho hairstyles with the easiest way that was shown in the above video. However, this messy look also is the charm of the Boho hairstyles.

Half-up Boho Bun Hair

♥ First, don’t forget to spray your hair with a hairspray which can both fix the hair after styling and help the hair looks shiny and silky. More than that, this type of hairspray can also protect the hair from the heat of the hair styling machine.

Don’t forget to curl your hair naturally

♥ And of course, don’t forget to curl your hair naturally. The tip is using your hand to mess up the hair.

♥ Use your hand to pick the top part of your hair just like you do with a half-up ponytail. Do not use a comb because you want to make your hair look as natural as possible. You can intentionally drop a few locks on your forehead. Bun and stabilize your hair tail. The bun does not necessarily look too neat because our goal is to make it look natural.

♥ At the last step, make a bun with the little braids. Use your hands to loosen random pieces of the bun to create a soft and thick look.

Boho hairstyle for the bride

Boho hairstyle for the natural bride

♥ This hairstyle makes the bride look gorgeous without taking too much time as you think. The hair needs to be curled and mess up like the previous hairstyle.

♥ However, instead of a haft-up bun, take 2 pieces of the hair at the front and tie them together in the back. Then flip the ponytail twice to create the twists.

A natural and easy hairstyle

♥ Use a handmade vintage/Boho crown that is made with flowers to apply on the ponytail. Tie the flower crown in the back.

♥ Continue to take more pieces of hair under the ponytail and repeat the previous steps under you reach the length that you want. Finish the hairstyle by making the hair look more natural.


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