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Nail design with pink pastel and Nano sparkle nail polish will give you the look of sweet but elegant. Paint most of your nails with pink pastel; choose 1 nail for sparkle polish. And choose another nail with pink pastel base to paint a heart with sparkle polish.
What do you think about nail & octopus? Very uncommon, but let’s try using feminine colors with a little bit scary & mystery octopus!  Paint one nail with orange polish, and one nail with silver sparkle polish, and paint 3 other nails with a white base and black octopuses. Black is the octopus color. This design is for personality girls.
You paint your nails blackout of boredom.  Think about it, it is monotonous and boring, but you don’t have time to remove it. You can use sparkle polish to draw spiral lines with flowers. Your black nails are no longer boring.
The next nail design is a very sudden inspiration with greyish black and white. Draw black and grey lissome lines together to create cotton grasses in the wind, and a few special grey and black flowers. All together is like an art piece.
You never think you can use neon orange polish, let’s look at this nail design. Paint neon pink for all nails, draw blue flowers with green leaves on 1 or 2 nails to emphasize the look. You brave choice of colors will reward you with an impressive nail design for your beach trip.
What do you think about green and black? Green is too dazzle so just use it for the tip of the nails (square nails are more suitable and modern). The rest of the nails will be in natural color with back three leave clover painting. Put a clear top coat on top to make the nails look shiny.
This nail design is Asian traditional, and more classic than the rest. Paint your nails red and black alternately. On the red nails, draw silver spiral details like embroidered silk. It stands out with a traditional and high-class look.
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