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The first nail design that we want to introduce to you is a blue nail, it is not shiny but looks like a matte nail. Combine 2,3 bright blue metallic nails with 2,3 blue matte nails. Blue is a soft color, and this combination is very delicate and beautiful.
The next shimmer nail design has a relatively dark color - that is bruise red or dark red. This paint gives a strong sense of charm to women and will surely make them impress other people. Paint your nail shimmer dark red if you need to go to luxury parties. We suggest that you can paint a little white pattern on some nails as a highlight!
The next shimmer nail design is more attractive with shiny green color. This light green nails will make you look unique. Let decorate this nail design by adding some white patterns on the green base coat.
This shimmer pink nail design will definitely make you look feminine and extremely seductive. The pink is more gentle and easier to use than the last dark red color, you can try this nail design for hangging out, for going to work or going to parties. The suggestion is painting white and black stripes on only one nail.
Combination of blue and black shimmer nails? Why not. On the same hand, choose to paint some nails with black shimmer polish as a base coat and other nails with blue shimmer base coat. On black nails, paint blue curves and do the opposite with blue nails.
The next shimmer nail design is light pink purple. Choose a single nail to paint green patterns on. The patterns are optional, they can be dots or simple scribbles.
Simple and extremely luxurious nail design. Paint all your nails shiny silver and you can have a luxury nail design for yourself without spending time go to nail salon. You can try this nail design with elegant evening dresses, especially the same color satin sparkling dress.
Suggested fresh and youthful shimmer blue base nails with white flower pattern. This youth and playful nail design is for wearing bikini walking along the beach or for touring around the city in your cute outfits.
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