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5 Easy Ways To Create Attractive Ombre Nails
by Barbara williams May 11, 2018

The creative ombre style has always been favorite for a long time. It is the moving tints and shades from light to dark of one color or the blending of one color hue to another, That’s exactly the attraction of the ombre nails. It is very simple to do that you can do it at home.

+ Let see the detailed tutorial for ombre nails below:

Trendy ombre nails

Make ombre effect from regular nail polish and a makeup sponge

Firstly, you also need a base coat to protect your natural nails. Next, pick your favorite nail polish, in this case, let use a cute pale pink nail polish for your base color. Then, use a makeup sponge (which usually is used to apply makeup foundation), choose one surface and apply both pink and dark purple nail polish to the sponge, remember to the paint it thick with 2-3 layers.

Quickly and continuity sponge it onto the nails while it’s still wet. If the ombre layer is still light on your nails, you can apply one more layer by repeating the reapplying steps, you don’t need to use another sponge. Remember to clean up the excess nail polish around the nails.

Nail polish and a makeup sponge

Make ombre effect from acrylic paint and a makeup sponge

Same as the previous way, but if you don’t have any nail polish but only the acrylic paint, you can do use the same technique. The acrylic paint dries super fast and has a matte finish that girls love. So, let try once in your life.

Pretty glitter ombre

The technique to do this ombre style is super easy and simple because you only need a top coat layer for the base then use a glitter nail polish to finish the nail design. Instead of a color nail polish, let leave your nails naturally, they will look more youthful and modern. Apply the glitter nail polish to the tip of the nails, then spread it out towards the base of the nail, but make sure that most the glitter is at the tip to get the gradient effect.

An elegant ombre nails for you

Silver nail polish with a striping brush

Paint all your nail with silver nail polish, then use black nail polish to apply about a halfway down the nail. Don’t worry if the intersection between two colors not perfect because we are going to use a super thin and long brush, dip it in the silver nail polish and apply on the nail from where the two nail polishes meet until you cover most of the black polish, cover the imperfect intersection between two colors.

Use a eyeshadow applicator

The last way is quite simple that we use a eyeshadow applicator, apply the nail polish to it and sponge onto your nails. This is the same as using the makeup sponge, because of the eyeshadow applicator’s small size, you can control it easier to create a perfect ombre effect on your nails.


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