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5 Healthy Foods That You Should Eat Right Now
by Barbara williams April 22, 2018

There are so many types of food and dish for you to choose to provide nutrients for your body. However, if being asked to list the top 5 foods which are rich in nutrients and we should eat every day, what would be the answer?

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Grilled salmon with asparagus


Salmon is the best source of omega 3, helps the body prevent cancer, bright the eyes, and beautiful the skin… More than that, salmon is also rich in protein, you can have it for the main dish to provide your body good energies. However, salmon is suitable for those who want to lose weight because the energy from salmon is easy for the body to digest and absorb.

To get the nutrients and good taste from salmon, let’s marinate salmon with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Then bake it in an oven or sear it with a pan. It’s simple and easy to cook, help retain nutrients and good taste from salmon.

Avocado chicken salad


Avocado is a very special fruit. Nutrition in avocado is extremely high. Avocado is a good source of vitamin for the skin, especially vitamin E which helps prevent skin diseases. Besides, avocado is also rich in proteins that provide energy for the body without making you fat.

Let’s make a salad with different vegetables and the avocado or you can also try with chicken breast, this will give you a rich source of nutrients that are good for your health.

Yogurt and fruits


Is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. This is an essential substance for the body because it supports the digestive to work better. When the digestive systemis doing a good job, the body will metabolize the foods to provide energy and restore the body.

We can use yogurt to make the delicious and healthy fruit smoothie. This fruit smoothie with other nutritious fruit will support the digestive system and make the skin beautiful.

Delicious black bean porridge

Black bean

Beans are usually recommended by nutritionists. The most special one is black bean because a part of vitamin and other nutrients, it contains a very high amount of protein, even higher than meat. For that reason, when you eat black bean, it will take longer to digest. This makes you feel full, eat less but still supply enough amount of energy your body demands. Black beans and all other types of beans are perfect for a healthy, nutritious diet.

You can try black bean porridge combining with other vegetables for your breakfast or lunch.

Walnuts, blueberries salad

Walnuts and blueberries

You probably do not know that blueberries contain polyphenols which are really good for the cardiovascular system, prevent atherosclerosis, provide good health.

Walnuts are rich in melatonin which is extremely good for the mind because it stimulates sleepiness, helps the body to sleep better and deeper. This will help the body recover better, regenerate new cells, provide huge energy after waking up.

Why don’t we make a salad with walnuts and blueberries? This salad does not only stimulate the appetite but also provide nutrients for the body.


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