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5 Secrets To Get Perfect Skin
by Barbara williams April 27, 2018

The perfect skin style that is most admired is Korean superstars’ skin. They were not born with that perfect skin. Take a look at the secrets to get perfect skin like theirs.

Sunscreen is essential for perfect skin

Use a lot of sunscreens

If you’re surprised with the following advice about how to use sunscreen correctly and how much of sunscreen should you use, it’s sure that you did not use sunscreen in a right way before. If possible, let apply sunscreen every 2 hours. Many people only apply sunscreen one time before they go outside and this is not really good for skin. If you have more time, you can reapply sunscreen every 1 hour.

More than that, you should apply a thick layer of sunscreen. And don’t think that young people should not use sunscreen. You need to use sunscreen at a young age to protect your skin from the sun’s rays and UV rays. The damage of UV rays to the body is not small.

The secret to always look perfect is to reapply your makeup

Always keep your makeup fresh

Similar to applying sunscreen, to get the perfect look, you should keep your makeup always fresh. By preparing the makeup products with moisturizing cream, primer, sunscreen, a long-lasting and oil- control foundation that suits your skin.

You should reapply sunscreen and your makeup at the same time to keep your skin fresh and smooth. Nowadays, most of the makeup products always have the sunscreen effect, therefore, using these makeup products also support you to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Have you done the diligent and full skincare steps yet?

Diligently use skincare

You have to be very diligent with your skincare routine because, after a hard, stressful working day, you have to explore to the sun, polluted air,… you need to take care of skin, heal and relax your skin. You have to do a full skincare routine every day, don’t be lazy and go to bed without using skincare products.

You also need to have a diligent skincare routine with different steps. For example, you have to remove your makeup and cleanse your face with 2-3 steps but not only one step with cleaner and water as you might think. The total of the skincare routines has to be 7 or more steps.

Eat more fruit and vegetables

Eat more fruit and vegetables

Vitamin C can be found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin is the main factor that helps your skin bright and has a perfect look. Eat more fruit and vegetables, then you will see unexpected results.

Korean Kimchi is a traditional dish that they almost eat every day. Kimchi is made from fruit and vegetables. Therefore the Korean people are often admired because of their white and smooth skin.

Go to the skin clinics

Many people don’t have time to take care of their skin by themselves, so they choose to spend their money for spa or skin clinics. At those centers, there are different types of machine and modern techniques that will help them to get beautiful skin fast.


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