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7 Ways To Look Taller And Slimmer In Clothes
by Barbara williams April 11, 2018

Your fashion style can help you to improve your appearance without taking too much of your time. Unfortunately, if you’re not high or not slim, and unbalance. Don’t worry! Fashionable outfits can help you to hide those defects.

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You should tuck t-shirt into your skirt

Remember to tuck t-shirt when wearing it with a skirt

Typically, a shirt comes to the middle of the butt or slightly below. And it will unintentionally make the upper part of your body looks longer than the lower part and shortens your legs. More than that, keeping a t-shirt untucked, especially a big sized t-shirt will make the body looks thick and not slim.

These problems will be solved when you tuck this simple t-shirt into your skirt (you should choose a high waisted skirt). Your body ratio will look great and make your waist appear smaller.

Should choose shoes which have the same color as your skin

Do not choose complex shoes to mix and match with a belt

The high heels with too many details or their color are too different with your skin will also shorten your legs, especially, when you mix and match these shoes with a wide waist belt.

To improve this, let choose shoes which have the same color as your skin or your clothes. And it’s important to remove wide waist belt to make your body looks taller and more delicate.

Choose the right size jacket that fits your body

Do not wear a too big or too long coat

Coat, blazer, suit, bomber… are designed with a slim fit form that is not too long or big. If you choose a wrong size jacket will make the shoulders, sleeves of the jacket go to the wrong position and make your body looks bigger and not delicate. More than that, the length of the coat will make you look short, and unbalance when wearing it.

Choose the right size of jackets, blazers, suits, bombers that is not too long or too short to make your body looks harmony.

Choosing a bag that has a suitable size for your body is very important

Choose a bag that has a suitable size for your body

Many people don’t know that choosing a bag that suits the body is very important. They usually follow the fashion trend, pick a bag that they like without paying attention to the size. People with too short and thick body wearing a too large or long bag will make their body look worse.

The experts say that a bag which is not longer than 10-11 inches in length will suit all body types.

Do not wear a too long or dark-colored cardigan

Fat and short girl will not look good when she’s wearing a long cardigan without high heels. A big, dark-colored cardigan with too many details makes girls look even fatter and shorter.

A tip to improve this is to choose a long, light and bright-colored cardigan with fewer details.

Should mix and match clothes with similar colors

An oversize maxi dress is not suitable for fat and short people

If you can, let try to avoid wearing a too big and long maxi dress. This fashion style is not ideal for fat and short people, their body will look worse and not harmony.

If you really like a maxi dress, you can try to wear it with a delicate waist belt that has the same color with the maxi dress; Or choose an empire waist maxi dress.

Choose simple colors, the monochrome style instead of the comparative style

Many people usually mix and match their clothes in the comparative style such as a dark-colored bottom with a bright-colored top, and they think that this technique is always right. However, this style accidentally divides your body into 2 parts and shortens your legs.

Therefore choosing clothes with similar colors or following the simple monochrome styles with neutral colors will make the body looks taller and slimmer.


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