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Beautiful And Comfy Travel Outfits
by Barbara williams April 21, 2018

Comfy outfits that are easy for you to arrange in your briefcase but still make you always look beautiful, trendy, and fashionable even where you are.

How to choose suitable travel outfits

Choose the travel outfits

You always need to mix and match clothes in your wardrobe to refresh yourself and make you look stylish for a trip.

Tips from fashion professionals for you are buying basic items, then mix and match them in your own styles.

The basic items that you always need in your wardrobe

  • White, black or gray… basic lightweight t-shirt.
  • White, black, floral, or delicate polka dots chemise shirt.
  • Oversize or canvas bag is suitable for travel.
  • Scarf.
  • Basic shoes for travel are sneaker, oxford shoes, sandals, slip-on…

How to mix and match comfy outfits for travel

Let watch the following video for more travel outfit ideas

(Credit: YouTube, Miss Louie)

Items that you should choose for travel are


Comfy legging

Choose for yourself 2 black leggings that are fit and comfortable with the smooth material and not too tight.

When travel, pair your legging with a white sleeveless T-shirt with over butt length cardigan, or pair with simple hooded jacket and handbag or backpack.

The second choice, you can pair legging with over butt length T-shirt and basic jean jacket to freely move from one city to another

More elegant, you can match black legging with black T-shirt and grey, white, or pink oversize blazer. And also add pointed flat shoe with the same color with the blazer as a color neutralizer.


Cropped legging with the length is over the ankle, tight at the ankle and loose at the thigh. Wear your earth pink orange jogger and long sleeve grayish brown jumper. This set is great for traveling to cooler and windier places. It is courteous and youthful for day and night.

Similar to legging, you can pair white T-shirt with a leather jacket or jean jacket and sneaker and jogger above the ankle to easily moving all day with grace.

 Bomber is a great item to mix and match with other clothes

Crop trouser

Dark blue pants and sleeveless T-shirt and a light scarf are very feminine and fashion while traveling. It is best for business slash leisure trip.

Basic dress

Basic dress for travel

A simple, comfortable, and pretty dress is a must-have item for traveling, you can pack 2-3 dresses for your trip.

Pair a simple black or blue or stripe A shaped dress with a thin cardigan or bomber for a pretty look.

Or use the same A shape dress with suitable jean jacket for a look that will never get bored.

You can also wear a shirt dress and make it look pretty with a beautiful scarf.

Lastly is a long loose shape linen shirt dress, which is light and thin for traveling.


All time trendy jeans

Jeans are the must-have items for everyone, especially when traveling.

There are some basic jeans such as boyfriend style, over ankle washed skinny jeans, and high waisted skinny jeans. These are enough for your journey.

You can pair jeans with simple outfits, sometimes with grey long sleeve thick T-shirt, sometimes with a bomber and white T-shirt, winter cardigan and grey T-shirt, blazer and slip-on, or trending closed toes shoes.

More for a serious look, you can pair high waisted jeans with polka dot vest collar chemise. You can move easily and comfortably to anyplace including places that require formal outfits.


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