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Blazer Trend For Women
by Barbara williams March 1, 2018

If you are a fashion lover, you will surely know about the blazer which is the hottest trend recently. This trend brings out the elegant and delicate look for women.

Blazer Trend For Women

Trendy women blazer

It’s quite similar to a vest for men. However, the blazer doesn’t come with matching pant or skirt. This is a creative modernization because these blazers help women look more elegant and formal but not too old or serious.

The blazer is so convenient since it can match with different youthful styles, you can freely create your own custom with it. Commonly, the fabric is used to make blazers are the same as the one that is used for suit jackets. However, the blazer sometime can be creative with thinner and softer fabric.

The Hottest Blazers

A basic, simple, no-button black vest will be best suit to be combined with a white or cream dress inside.

Maybe you don’t know that the trendiest blazer is the gray blazer with tight and simple form and gray fabric. The current popular fabric that used to make blazer is usually light and thin. More than that, it is important to have a clear form.

More popular than gray vests are checkered, gray ones. This style of vest is classic and mostly used a few decades ago. If this vest has double breasted style, it will look more fashionable. This type of vest is often sewed long to cover the lower body which makes it look youthful.

The pastel pink blazer brings out the elegant and feminine look for women. This long blazer looks quite formal, therefore, it suits a white basic T-shirt and jeans. All of these items will create a trendy and youthful outfit for stylish girls.

Blazers with stylized neck which are not too thick and look hard as the old ones are favored a lot by its smoothness. With classic style and soft material, vest can be sewed wider. Don’t forget a broad brim or hand bag that has the same tone color with your vest to make you look more elegant.

The last trendy blazer is a long and luxurious blazer that is made with wide lap. This blazer dress can be wear to work or to a party.


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