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Differences Between Asian and Western Skincare Routines
by Barbara williams April 19, 2018

In this post, we will talk about Korean and American skincare routines. The skincare routines are based on different weather, geography, and habits of girls.

Differences between Korean and American skincare routines

The video below shows that Korean and American skincare routines are so different from each other. However, they both are good for your facial skin.

(credit: YouTube, Jennifer Chiu)

At the beginning of the video, you will see the differences of the cleansing step. These differences are:

+ American people use gel cleanser or cream cleanser at the cleansing step to remove dirt and debris from their skin.

+ While there are 2 small steps of cleansing in the Korean skincare routines:

  • Use oil makeup remover to remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil from their skin.
  • Next, use a gentle foam cleanser to cleanse their skin one more time.

American skin

The fact is that you can’t completely cleanse your skin within only 1 step. Therefore, you need to apply 2 small steps for deeper and better cleansing.

To remove dead skin cells, shrink the pores, and get a new fresh skin

+ American people often use grainy exfoliators about once a week.

+ While Korean people are likely to use gentle exfoliators such as a sleeping mask.

Steps in the skincare routines

The next step is using toner which helps hydrate your skin and is a perfect base for next moisturizing steps.

+ American people often use toner for oily skin to remove the excess oil and shrink the pores after the cleansing and exfoliating step.

+ Korean people often use essence which has a water-to-serum texture, this liquid is not only a moisturizing product but also helps prevents aging, regenerates new skin cells to treat skin problems. They often use essence at night as a preparation for the next moisturizing steps in their skincare regimen.

There are also small differences at the using mask step

+ American people love to use the clay mask to detox and remove impurities (which affect their skin health) to give back a bright and smooth look for their skin.

+ Korean people are very font of the sheet mask which is a great hydrating product for their skin, applying a sheet mask on your skin for 10-20 minutes, you don’t need to rinse off with water.

Using eye cream

+ Most of the American people are very font of the cooling eye gel which can bright the eye, reduce dark circle of tired eyes in the next morning.

+ While in Korea, people often like the eye moisturizer which highly provides moisture and nourish their eye areas with wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Asian skin

The last moisturizing cream will block all the previous skincare steps

+ American people often gentle moisturizing cream for a light finish without feeling uncomfortable after using.

+ Korean people are likely to use moisturizing cream which can highly provide moisture as much as possible, these products often go with a pumper will help you to take an adequate amount for each use.

Each method has its pros and cons which depends on your skin type. Different reactions of the skin to the cosmetic and different characteristics of the caring process will help you decide which method suits you best.


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