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Flawless Glass Skin Makeup Look For Bad Skin
by Barbara williams May 15, 2018

With the useful tips and ways to use full coverage makeup products, you will get the flawless skin without worrying too much about the skin problems.

To get glass skin by makeup

The following clip will show you simple steps to get glass skin that is smooth, bright and shiny in just 3 easy makeup steps.

Firstly, if you’re too late for work or an appointment and you only have 5 minutes left, but you still need to look flawless like Korean girls, so what will you do?

More than that, you also have problems with your skin, your skin is not healthy and smooth for light natural makeup. Therefore, to get a beautiful skin without spending too much time, or you’re a lazy girl, let read this article.

Natural, flawless skin

Step 1: use sunscreen

No matter how your makeup is, but the essential step to protect the skin is using sunscreen.

You need to choose a right sunscreen to protect your acne skin. Try the 30 SPF and PA++ sunscreen with whitening effect and prevent wrinkle.

Also, sunscreen can be a perfect base or a highlighter for your makeup, especially sunscreen that contains pink shimmer.

Shiny cushion layer under the sunlight

Step 2: use cushion

After using the pink shimmer sunscreen, your skin will look brighter and shiny for the next step – using a cushion for the base.

A cushion is ideal for you when you don’t have much time, but it still gives a perfect look. Features that a cushion needs to have to cover all of the defects and brighten up your skin are

  • Making skin looks more radiant and firm.
  • Creating glowing effect, brightening the skin naturally, covering dark skin areas, balancing and helping skin look smooth and soft.
  • Long lasting and special texture that makes skin looks shiny.
  • Benign and suitable for all skin types.

Skin looks flawless when using suitable products

Step 3: organic minerals spray

Choose a natural minerals mist with organic ingredients which is safe and friendly with the environment, not tested on animals and give good effects for the user.

The organic minerals mist provides proper moisture, hydrates the skin, give you a glossy, flawless and beautiful skin. This is an important step for a loose power and makes your makeup look more natural.

A small tips for you, you can use the loose power the chin, the nose and the corners of the mouth to keep your makeup looks perfect and bright. You should choose the loose power which contains silica to cover the large pores and dark skin areas for flawless skin.


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