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Flexible Stretching Exercises Before Running
by Barbara williams May 4, 2018

Besides warm-up exercises, dynamic stretching exercises are also important for flexible feet and legs before running.

Signs that you are running in a wrong way

Proper running for long-lasting health

First, proper running is very important, contributes to improving the body health and extend life. Therefore, we need to keep in mind the following signs to know if we are running in a wrong way:

  • Run continuously and lose a lot of strength at the beginning of the run.
  • Run whenever you like without the specific runtime schedules.
  • Run without improving the diet and resting.
  • Wrong stretching exercise and run incorrectly.
  • Not drink enough water.
  • Not use running shoes.

Next, a stretching exercise is very important that you have done correctly to avoid injury. This is also an essential condition before running.

Stretching exercise before running

The stretching exercise in this video is for girls, it’s quite simple and easy, but brings good effects that help the body becomes flexible and avoid injury when running.

Step 1: Walking high kick

This stretching exercise is active moves. You just simply walk step by step and kick up your leg high, straight. If you can, it’s better to let your toes touch your hands.

The important thing while doing this exercise is you have to feel comfortable, active and feel your muscle are loosened. Do this 15-20 times.

Step 2: Walking quad stretch

Slowly move to step 2. At this step, as you’re walking, instead of kicking your legs, let lift your foot up behind you and use your hair to grab your foot.

Do this 15-20 times then move to the next step.

Step 3: high knees

Move to the jogging step, as you’re jogging, lift your knee parallel to the ground and as high as you can. Do this 15-20 times.

Powerful stretching exercise before running

Step 4: Butt kick

As you’re jogging, lift your foot to slightly kick your butt to stretch your muscles and helps boost your circulation. Do this 15-20 times.

Step 5: Walking Lunges

As you’re walking, bend your knee at 90 degrees and nearly touch the ground. You can move your arms as you’re performing walking lunges to keep your body balance and burn up the muscles. Do this 10 times.

So you will finish 5 steps of the stretching exercise before running.

After that, running techniques are absolutely necessary that you should learn and follow. The proper running methods will be shared on the next running category.

So, what are things that we need to do after the running

Muscle stretching exercise

Things that you should remember after running

+ Relax your body, slow down the speed by a gentle walk or a yoga exercise for about 10 minutes, you should not sit down.

+ You should provide carbohydrates and proteins at a ratio of 1: 3 to give energy and heal your muscle. Remember only to eat at least 30 minutes after running.

+ You should not perform too many of other exercises after running to improve your body and keep it healthy.


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