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Food Combinations That Are Not Good For Your Heatlth
by Barbara williams May 2, 2018

Those familiar foods which are goods for your health that you can find them everywhere, but you don’t know that eating them together can ruin your health.

Food combinations

Tomatoes and cucumbers salad can cause bloating

Healthy, nutritious foods are ideal for the weight loss plan, but it is recommended not to combine them when eating because they can cause harmful effect on your health.

The combination of banana, tomato, cucumber, pineapple, milk… which are all common healthy foods that many people usually combine them to make delicious dishes. But this can be harmful if we don’t know enough about food.

Therefore, you should avoid combining these following foods

+ Coffee and Sandwiches

Coffee and Sandwiches are not suitable for breakfast

The fact is that these two foods are not really good for health especially when they are combined together.

Cheese sandwiches are delicious but if you have them with a cup of coffee for your breakfast, all the healthy properties of cheese will not be absorbed.

Bread contains substances that prevent necessary calcium from being digested especially when you combine with instant coffee.

Replacement: If you love to have cheese sandwiches, let’s try them with green tea to help eliminate toxins and improve the body’s immune system.

+ Tomatoes and cucumbers

In the hot summer, we often make the salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. However, the research shows that although these two foods are good for the body, their combination can cause harmful effect on the digestive system.

When eating these two vegetables together, vitamins contained in both of them will not be digested properly, it can cause nausea and indigestion if you eat them too much.

Let eat them separately, you can make different dishes with these two vegetables.

+ Meat and potatoes

Meat and potatoes are delicious but are not good for your health

Steak and fried potatoes are very popular. But unfortunately, this is another unhealthy food combination. The starch contained in potatoes need the alkalotic digestive fluids, while the proteins from meat need acid ones.

This contradiction makes the digestive system difficult to digest the foods, brings heartburn belching, gas and many other gastrointestinal symptoms which cause harmful effect on the body’s health.

Replacement: Choose other foods to eat with meat such as broccoli, pumpkin, asparagus instead of fries.

+ Pasta and minced meat

Should not eat pasta and minced meat together

When you eat, the salivary glands create ptyalin and amylase enzyme to transform the starch in pasta into simple sugars. When simple sugars combine with proteins in meat, they will create a dangerous mixture that can cause diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Let eat pasta or whole wheat pasta with herb sauces to remove toxic substances.

+ Beer and nuts

The combination of beer and salty nuts makes you drink more beer

An ideal combination for a beer party. But high-salt nuts can cause your body dehydrated and make you drink more beer that can have bad effects on your health.

When drinking beer, you can keep soda or water nearby to avoid dehydration.

+ Milk and pineapple

For children, the combination of milk and pineapple can nausea, diarrhea. Because the citrus fruits slow down the digestive system and cause other problems especially, in the morning. More than that, pineapple contains bromelain which can cause intoxication when combined with milk.

You can try apricots or plums instead of pineapples when drinking milk.

+ Milk and bananas

Milk and bananas or milk and pineapples don’t really go well together

Like milk and pineapples, you should not combine bananas with milk because this combination will slow down the digestion in the stomach.

Although banana and milk are quite delicious and ideal for a light meal, to protect your health you should not eat bananas with other foods. It is advised to eat bananas between the main meals of a day.


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