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Handbag Trends For 2018
by Barbara williams March 10, 2018

Every year, at fashion shows, the fashionistas wear the newest and unique handbags. Not long after that, these showed handbags will be on the best seller listing. Prediction of handbag trends for 2018.

Handbag with logo

Handbag with logo

Normally, big brands are very delicate in placing their logo on their expensive handbags. This year is quite different with the last years. A series of colorful mini handbags are very popular that is designed with big-sized logo on the font and renewed fonts. These lovely and youthful handbags definitely will be on trend for a long time.

Transparent handbag 

Super hot transparent handbag 

There is no need to say more about this transparent handbag. They were appeared last year, a boom at the fashion weeks this year will make you love them and want to own a transparent handbag for yourself. This mini-sized handbag with transparent plastic material which allows you to see what is contained inside is still on trend. You can wear it for all occasions.

Micro-sized handbag

Micro-sized handbag

The micro-sized handbag is even smaller than mini handbags. Recently, many fashionistas wear them a lot. You can keep them in your transparent handbag or wear them across the shoulder. Nowadays, the handbag with short strap or clutch is trendy because you will look youthful and fashionable if you mix and match them with your outfit. Let buy a similar handbag for your own.

Handbag with ring

Handbag with a ring

This is the newest and most unique handbag for this year. The famous fashion handbag brands are racing to introduce their handbags with a ring. Rings in different sizes look like bracelets. These creative handbags will surely be favorited by many fashion lovers.

Fancy plastic handbag

Plastic handbag

The synthetic handbag is designed to look like the old mother’s market bag. This opened handbag is very popular and is showed in fashion weeks by many fashionistas. It’s hard to talk about how hot this handbag is but this handbag is clearly adorable, fashionable, and very unique.

Big-sized clutch

Big-sized clutch

Even though the big-sized clutch is not hot as other handbags, it still has its own position. With a diversity of the form, material, and color, this type of clutch is very favorited. If you have so many things to bring out with you, let choose this beautiful and fashionable handbag.


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