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How To Properly Use A Face Mask
by Barbara williams March 16, 2018

Using face mask is a favorited beauty method that has been existed for a long time. However, not everyone knows how to use a face mask correctly as well as not really understood about this beauty method. But the fact is that we need to know more about the face mask for proper use.

The sleeping mask is not like a regular mask, you should only use the regular mask for 15-20 minutes

Don’t use face mask more than 15-20 minutes

It is not always more is good, especially when it comes to a face mask. Usually, skin can only absorb a small part of the essence of a face mask. The top layer of face mask can’t be absorbed, it usually gets dry during the face mask is used. Moreover, if you use face mask more than 15-20 minutes, it might irritate your skin because the pores are blocked by the mask in a long period of time. It is recommended that you should only apply the mask for 15-20 minutes.

The sleeping mask is not like a regular mask

Many people think that sleeping mask is the same as other types of a face mask. Their names sound the same, but their uses are entirely different. A sleeping mask can be applied all night during your sleep until morning while for regular face mask; only use it for 15–20 minutes, then we have to rinse off our face. You can think of sleeping mask as a type of night cream or serum.

You need to use face mask regularly

You need to use face mask regularly

It can be seen that after applying a face mask, our skin will look smoother and brighter right away. However, to keep your skin in this healthy state, you need to keep using a face mask. It is recommended that you use face mask twice a week and do not change types of face mask frequently. Be patient, and you will get the desired result.

Both natural or cosmetic face mask is good for your skin

There are some types of skin can only use the natural face mask, but some other are just improved when using a mask of cosmetic brands. You only need to follow this rule: only use a natural mask that is made by skin specialists or prestigious sources to ensure the safety.

You can use natural or available masks from brands

Do not mix different types of mask together

You probably do not know, but masks from brands shouldn’t be mixed and used together. This will impact your skin. Do not mix any types of cosmetic together because you are not a scientist, you don’t know and understand about the ingredients in cosmetics.

Don’t use different types of mask in a day

One of the methods that you should not try is to apply different types of the face mask at the same time or one after another. Each type of face mask has its own use. You face skin need time to breath and completely absorb all the nutrition in the mask.


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