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How To Use Concealer Correctly For A Perfect Makeup
by Barbara williams April 12, 2018

There are many interesting things about concealer that girls should know to bring its best effects for perfect makeup.

Eye concealer

Tired eyes with dark circles will make your makeup looks bad, even how hard you try, the result will be a tired look.

The following video will show you in details how to use concealer to refresh your tired face.

(credit: YouTube, Glamrs)

After hiding the tired eyes and dark circles, your face will look brighter, and it’s so easy to get a fresh makeup look for the summer.

A simple tip is choosing the right place to apply the concealer. In this case, the position which needs to be cover is the area around the eyes.

After applying primer and foundation, use a liquid concealer to cover the defect around the eye area.

Use a brush to swipe the concealer under your eye in a “V” shape. Remember to be gentle when using a brush to blend out the concealer to avoid damaging this thin skin area.

If you don’t feel comfortable when using a brush, let try blend out the concealer with your hands following the direction of the specialist. Gently blend the concealer out to get a natural look.

You will see the difference right after you finish the concealer step.

Liquid concealer

For freckles, blind pimples, small warts, you can use a brush to apply a small amount of concealer onto the areas that you need to cover, then naturally blend it out by using your hand.

Leave it for about 3 minutes and move to the next makeup steps.

Choose the right concealer

To help the concealer works best, you need to keep your face clean and hydrated before beginning the makeup, then apply primer and foundation on your face.

The right concealer is brighter than the foundation one or more shades. When choosing the concealer, you need to determine your skin tone and choose the right foundation shade, then you only need pick the concealer based on the foundation shade.

The convenient concealer with the attached brush

There are 4 types of concealer product from popular cosmetics brands: Cream concealer, balm concealer, stick concealer, and liquid concealer. Each type will bring different uses:

+ Cream concealer: medium texture, moderate to perfect coverage. With different colors, it’s perfect for under the eyes to cover dark circles, uneven skin tone.

+ Stick and balm concealer: the thickest texture, suitable for large dark circles or acne scars. Because of its thick texture, it can block your pores; Therefore, you need to remove the makeup and wash your face carefully after using it.

+ Liquid concealer: light liquid form, light coverage, suitable for small freckles, wrinkles or faded acne scars. The advantage is because it has the light liquid form so it can cover your skin evenly and give a better absorption.


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