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Indian Bollywood Makeup Style
by Barbara williams April 3, 2018

Indian Bollywood girls always have sharp features that the whole world admires. But if you don’t know that 50% of this beauty is thanked the thorough makeup, you would be interested in this makeup style of  Indian girls.

Source: Sadiiyah – Youtube

Have to be sharp

— Thick and curly eyebrows

The highlight of the Bollywood makeup style is an eyebrow, it needs to be dark black, thick, and clear. The eyebrow is seen as a highlight that helps balance and makes Bollywood girls look smart and sharp. They usually draw their eyebrow curly to look like the letter “” in the Asian alphabet if they weren’t born with it.

Focusing on black eyeliner and eyeshadow

— Always apply eyeliner for both upper and lower eyelids

If a normal girl only draw eyeliner for the upper eyelids, the Bollywood girls have to draw clear and sharp lines for both upper and lower eyelids. These lines create deep and sharp eyes.

— Elegant golden shimmer eyeshadow

Shimmer eyeshadow is a preferred choice for Indian makeup style. The golden shimmer eyeshadow is the most favorited choice because they see golden color as a lucky color and in Indian culture, women extremely like gold. We also see gold in jewelry and accessories of traditional costume Sari. It will be really reasonable for choosing the golden shimmer eyeshadow for the makeup.

Golden shimmer eyeshadow

— Always draw eye black

For Indian women, the most critical thing in makeup is using dark colored eyeshadow, and black is used the most. Even when they are wearing other colors, they always mix them with black. The black eyeshadow makes their deep eyes look even more in-depth and sharper.

— Clear lip liner

Indian women love to have full, clear, and curly lips. Therefore, when makeup for their lip, lip liner and applying lip liner are essential. The most popular lipstick color of Indian women is pure red or wine red.

Includes many elaborate steps

Applying highlighter for the face

— Apply bright powder around the eyebrows and lips

The areas around the eyebrows and lips always have to be applied with a highlighter. This will make the eyebrows and lips look sharper. The highlighter is also used for the top of the nose, under the waterline, and top of your cheekbone.

— Apply a primer or powder for the eyes and lips

To make the eyeshadow, lipstick look more pigmented and last longer since they often apply thick layers of makeup, Indian girls have to use primer or powder for the eyes and lips.

Using a brush to apply lipstick

— Choose powder with bright tone for the whole face

If you pay attention carefully, you will see that Indian girls always use powder or liquid foundation with bright tone. They are very fond of traditional Asian beauty. Therefore, a bright makeup base is a priority choice. The bright makeup base will make their face look sharpers, their eyebrows, lips will look more outstanding.


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