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Japanese Method To Lose Belly Fat
by Barbara williams April 14, 2018

Excess fat around the belly can be very hard to lose and it cause you to lose confidence when wearing clothes. To reduce belly fat, Japanese people discovered a new and effective training method.

Losing belly fat is a long process

Stubborn belly fat

Japanese people seem to be born with the ability to innovate new things from available resources. By being patient and tinkering new methods based on the old knowledge, they create many useful things for our life.

It’s hard to get rid of the excess fat around the belly. In addition, gaining weight and increasing body size will affect your body health and also cause you to lose confidence since your clothes do not fit you anymore.

To fight the excess fat around the belly as well as losing weight, the Japanese actor – Miki Ryosuke discovered a new technique to reduce the waist size fast.

The faster and more effective method of reducing fat in the waist area.

The following video with detailed instructions will help you to use the method to reduce fat around the belly and lose weight effectively.

(Credit: YouTube, Good Life Tube)

By following the above method of reducing fat, a Japanese actor – Miki Ryosuke lost 28,7 pounds (13 kilograms) and five inches off his waist 4,7 inches (12 centimeters). He has combined the breathing exercises with a healthy diet for just a few weeks.

He discovered the above method while he was practicing breathing techniques to treat his chronic back pain.

Practice breathing techniques reduce belly fat and lose weight

He explains that the fat burning process is based on providing oxygen to the muscles. The more oxygen is transported to the muscles, the more fat we will burn. Therefore, you should provide more oxygen to your body by taking a deep breath to burn more fat.

Practicing breathing techniques is very simple as follows

  • Put one foot forward, place most of your weight on the back foot.

  • Engage the glutes, begin to slowly breathe in for about 3 seconds simultaneously rasing the hands above your head.

  • When you breathe in enough air, quickly and strongly exhale by using your whole body to push the air out of your lungs. As you exhale, you have to tighten all your body muscles to help oxygen to burn fat quicker.

  • Let push the air out until you can breath out anymore.

Work hard for an ideal waist size

Do this 6 times and repeat this method twice a day. Let do this method regularly to see the real effect just after 2 months.

Do not only help the weight loss process, but this method also helps improve blood flow and increase your metabolism to make the body healthier.


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