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What Are The Benefits Of Giving Up Sugar?
by Barbara williams May 10, 2018

One of the challenges in dieting is to cut off sugar because we can’t totally get rid of it. However, the following benefits of reducing sugar to health and mind will make you think twice.

Cut-off sugar wholly improve your health

Firstly, take a look the video below to see the extreme changes of your body when you cut-off sugar in one week.

Sugar is like a drug with 94% of people who took a survey confirmed that they can’t give it up.

For that reason, the benefits of getting rid of sugar in a week are as follows

Sugar in sweet donuts is the cause of many diseases

+ Better breath

Sugar is the leading cause of cavity and affects your breath. If you want a better breath, let stop eating sugar immediately.

+ Increase the brain power

Sugar is seen as the leading cause that leads to memory loss over time. Studies have shown that sugar affects the learning and memorizing activities of the brain. So you should stay away from sugar when preparing for the exam.

Also, less sugar can help you decrease the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease because sugar can be a factor that damages connections of the brain cells, especially when you’re old.

Eat less sugar for a healthy heart

+ Healthy health and reduce bad cholesterol

Sugar contained in soda is believed that can cause coronary heart disease, increase bad cholesterol and blood fat which block the artery, affects the heart and increases the risk of stroke.

So, eat less sugar for a healthy heart.

+ Help you to have a better mood

Cutting off sugar helps you quickly achieve your weight goal, makes a change to your body and release your mind from stresses to start a new fresh day.

People who love sweet are usually stressful, short-tempered and in unstable moods. Sugar can relieve stress, but if you consume too much of it, you can get the reverse effect which makes you angry easier and get more stress.

Carbonated water contains monosaccharides

+ Get a good sleep

An unstable blood glucose level is the leading cause of insomnia. When overeating high in sugar foods, the sugar level in the blood will increase and force the brain to work continually to produce more hormones to balance the body, this makes us can’t fall asleep.

Sugar also makes the blood sugar level unstable, when there is a decreasing in the blood sugar level, the body has to release hormones and stimulate the brain that makes you active and leads to insomnia.

So, you should eat less sugar for better and deeper sleep.

+ Eating less sugar helps you get a better digestive system, reduce your risk of cancer and have bright eyes.

Eat less sugar for weight loss

+ Weight loss

Assume that the amount of intake sugar is the same, the one who eat carb and less sugar will burn more than 300 calories per day compared to the one who eat only sugar. If you can get rid of sugar in your everyday meal, you can lose 5 kilogram in 3-6 months.


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