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Latest Fashion Trends For 2018
by Barbara williams May 9, 2018

We are in the 5th month of the year 2018. One more time, the fashion trends for 2018 are continuously updated with the appearance of the items that create new trends. Now, to prepare for this hot summer 2018, what items girls are hunting for?

Bandanas style


This bandana brings a big attractiveness for any kind of summer outfits: strap tank top with pants or linen skirts, and sandals… will look more dynamic if girls mix and match them with a bandana. Normally, this bandana is a triangular or square piece of soft chiffon or silk tied around the around the neck or a bag. But this time, the bandana is used as a headband that brings the girly and stylish look for the summer.

Straw hat

Is a kind of summer hat that is made from stiff sennit straw (usually from dried bamboo leaves), like a handicraft that requires craftsmanship and high aesthetics. The hats have diverse styles such as wide-brimmed boater hat (for feminine and gentle girls) or the stylish boater fedora, all of the summer outfits will look more attractive with this hat.

Straw hat and linen strap dress

Straw bags

Same as the straw hats, these straw bags are very popular in this 2018 summer. An outfit with both straw hats and straw bags is very pretty and will turn girls into summer fashion queens… Straw bags are also diverse in type and design such as hard or soft bags that girls can freely choose…


Maybe this trend is quite new for those feminine girls. In the summer, girls usually mix and match a pair of slides with their beach dresses. But in this year, some famous brands like Adidas or Nike has launched the new collections with very useful and easy-to-wear slides. This makes slides become one of the favorite trends in this year. Therefore, let try these trendy slides with your summer outfits such as jeans, shorts, skirts or t-shirt… to see the different!

Pretty straw bags for the summer

Vans old skool shoe

Vans old skool was introduced long time ago, but because of its design that is easy to wear, long lasting, and comfortable, it becomes one of the hottest items for this summer. Also, these shoes can be worn by both man and women.

Cargo Pants

The cotton cargo pants are back on trend because they are loosely cut pants and look quite dynamic that suitable for the summer. These pants go best with a crop-top. However, the design of this type of pants is quite picky, it best suits those slim and tall girls.

The hot berets hat is back on trend

90s eyeglasses

This is a must-have item for you. The 90s eyeglasses are coming back on most of the website, magazines with the pictures of girls and 90s outfits. The design of these eyeglasses is long and has cat-eye shade. However, they have a common feature that is very small in size, just enough to cover your eyes. Your outfit will look more stylish with these 90s eyeglasses.

Berets hats

The pretty berets hats are back to trend in this year, they are everywhere. If you are a fashion lover, you might already see how hot these hats are in this year. This hat makes girls look more feminine, younger and classic.

Elegant wrap skirts

Linen dress

The light-weight and comfy linen dresses cannot be missed for the summer, especially the strap linen maxi dress for going out with friends or travel to the beach in this summer 2018.

Wrap skirts

The wrap skirts are very popular this summer, especially the light-weight linen ones. These skirts can go with a t-shirt, strapless top, strap tank top… or any top that you like. They are suitable for every occasion such as for work, going out, or even for travel to the beach in this summer.


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