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Makeup Trend With Glowing Makeup Base
by Barbara williams April 28, 2018

Glowing makeup base has been an outstanding trend in Korean for a long time. Nowadays, this trend becomes the most favorited makeup trend everywhere.

Natural and modern glowing makeup trend

This video will show you how to get a youthful, bright makeup look

The difference from other makeup types is the glowing base which was applied before makeup. Common moisturizers which give a glowing effect are pure olive oil, jelly vaseline, shea butter or coconut oil.

Glowing makeup look

Step 1: Apply moisturizer to get a glowing look before starting to do makeup. You should apply onto your face, lips or any dry area.

Step 2: Use moisturizer as a primer base for the eyes, nose, and around the lip area.

Step 3: Use concealer to perfectly cover defects on the eye, nose and around the lip area.

Step 4: Use powder highlighter for the T-zone to bright up the face.

Step 5: Apply golden eyeshadow onto the eyelids and waterline. To make the eyes look deeper, you should use a little brown eyeshadow for the eyelids.

You can use pencil eyeliner at the corners of your lids to make your eyes bright, more attractive and a little at the Cupid’s bow.

Use oil moisturizer before doing makeup

Step 6: For this natural makeup look, let’s skip the eyeliner step. Slightly curl and apply mascara for the eyelashes.

Step 7: To draw the eyebrows, first, you should use a little powder to make your eyebrows matte.

Use the previous brown eyeshadow to draw the eyebrows naturally. You can use a little hairspray to shade the eyebrows, this will make your eyebrows look more natural than using eyebrow mascara.

Step 8: Use ash brown to contour your nose and lips.

Step 9: Use golden peach liquid highlighter for the cheekbones, nose, and chin to make your face bright.

Step 10: Use glossy light pink with SPF and moisture feature for natural and full lips.

Finish the glowing makeup.

Use small tips for the glowing makeup style

Some little tips for the glowing makeup style

  • Use powder foundation to reduce the glowing effect if you applied too much oil moisturizer.
  • You should take good care of your skin to get a glowing, bright and flawless skin, doing makeup will become easier.
  • If your skin have many defects, you should do makeup with high-coverage makeup products. It’s best to use grapeseed oil to moisture and slightly glow the skin without causing you acne.
  • You should use a moisturizer with light, thin texture that is absorbed into the skin.


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