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Massage The Neck In Sitting Position
by Barbara williams April 6, 2018

This technique is usually applied for a short, simple massage, especially shoulder, neck massage; and is suitable for people who don’t want to lie on their stomach.

The benefits of massage in sitting position

Massage in sitting position to relieve tired

Sitting position also brings good effect as same as lying position. It’s even better for shoulder and neck massage since while you’re sitting, the massage therapists can find the acupuncture point at the shoulder and neck area easily.

This massage technique is suitable for busy office workers that they can apply at lunch break to renew the energy for other activities in the evening.

Helps to relax the mind, relieve a headache, shoulder, and neck pain.

Massage in sitting position is performed by the therapists

The videos below will show you how to massage in sitting position gently for a headache, shoulder, and neck pain relief and new energy for a dynamic day.

(credit: Youtube, PsycheTruth)

This massage will focus on headache, shoulder, and neck pain relief.

Step 1:

Use the back of the hand, move in a circular motion as you rub the shoulders, shake the body lightly to let the person in the chair feels comfortable.

Move your fingertips to the nape of the neck, massage the nape in circles for 2 minutes to help relieve pressure at the neck area after a long working day.

Massage relieves the pain quickly

Step 2:

Move your fingertips in a circular motion up to the head, continues to massage the whole head in circles, use your fingers to go down and up the skull.

Move up, remove the hair tie to let the hair relax. Continues to maintain the circular massage on the whole head.

Stop for seconds after performing the move 10 times, use the fingertips to apply firm pressure on the top of the head and slowly move the fingers down the neck like when you’re washing your hair. Perform for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3:

Switch to another move. One hand holds one side of hair, use the other hand to massage in small circles. This is the break move of the massage to relax the mind. Perform for 1 minute then do the same for the other side.

Pull all the hair up to the front.

Step 4:

Move to the pressure point technique. Use the healthy thumb to press the acupuncture point on the top of the head as gently move in a circle for 2 minutes.

Place all your fingertips on the head, slowly and gently move in a circle and combine with pressing movements. Perform for 2 minutes.

Massage in sitting position helps create new energy

Step 5:

Switch to the shoulder massage, use 2 fingertips to gently massage the helix. Gently apply pressure on the acupuncture point at the helix area for 1 minute.

Back to step 1.

Step 6:

Massage in a circulation movement the nape, then down to the spine for 2 minutes.

Use the thumb to firmly press the acupuncture point at the intersection of neck and head, hold for 1 minute.

Gentle perform shoulder massage for 1 minute then switch to acupressure one more time. Finish the therapy by using your fingertips to massage your head slowly.

Take a break for about 2 minutes after the massage.


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