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Easy And Quick Nail Hacks You Should Know
by Barbara williams March 21, 2018

Only using colorful nail polishes and brushes to create stylish nail art designs will take you a lot of time and require skills that not everyone has… The following creative tips will help you create stylish and fashionable nail art designs without requiring too much skill.

Easy and quick nails tutorials

Fashionable matte nail polish

Turn regular nail polish into stylish matte nail polish

You see many friends or girls on the internet have chic matte nails. However, you don’t have any stylish matte nail polish. No problem! There is an extremely simple way – just by using any nail polish that you have. Let apply it as usual on the nails.

Then boil a pot of water on the stove. When the water is hot and begins to evaporate. Place your hands directly above the pot. The shiny coat of your nail polish will quickly turn to matte.

Fancy nail art idea

Water marble nail art design

You don’t need an airbrush return to create this pretty nail style. With this tip, you entirely can get a water marble nail style with a combination of different colors that were mixed together. Let pour 2-3 nail polishes that you have into a glass of water as a layer on layer, the coat of nail polish will not dissolve but float on the water. Then use a toothpick to create the water marble effect.

Finally, put the glass into a freezer. After 15 minutes, the polish layer has frozen a little bit. Pick it out and put it on a plastic paper. Gently sweep to stick the polish layer to the plastic paper and let it dry. Use scissors to cut the paper into small pieces that fit your nail.

Use a tweezer to take out the dried coat of nail polish and put it on your nail. Use nail polish remover to wipe off the excess paint and apply a top coat to finish the water marble nail art design.

You can create this nail art design by using markers

Mixing markers to create a colorful nail art design

To have a colorful nail art design, you don’t need to paint too many coats of different nail polishes that will take you a lot of time. To create an ombre nail art design, you can use markers, let pick 3 or more markers that you like.

However, to make the nail art design look more impressive and delicate, you should use a silver glitter paint instead of white paint to create a base. Then decorate the nails by using markers. It’s sure that you will have beautiful and unique nails.

Creating patterns by using stickers

Decorate the nails with a sticker

Everyone thinks that to have beautiful nails with attractive patterns, they have to go to a nail salon and let the nail artists paint for them, but the fact is that you don’t need to go to the nail salon or to be so talented as the nail artists. All you need is nail stickers that are sold everywhere.

Let choose a nail sticker that you like, then cut it out as your nail’s size. Apply it on the nail. Finish the nail art design with a top coat to fix the sticker and make the nails look shiny and eye-catching.

Good luck!


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