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Messy Waves Trend
by Barbara williams May 14, 2018

The messy waves hairstyle makes women look sexy but still modern and youthful. That’s the reason why this hairstyle still attracts a large number of women. Let’s see how to create these messy waves.

— For women, the normal waves hairstyle has became so familiar, they want something a little bit natunal and wilder, so making these waves a little messy helps they become more confident. There are many ways and different types of products that can create the  messy waves for you, but this tutorial below is pretty simple and easy, let’s see it.

Sexy women with messy waves hair

Shampoo and using hair moisturizer

A hair care step with shampooing and using hair moisturizer while your hair is still wet does not only helps the hair grows better but also protects the hair before using a hairdryer. More than that, using hair moisturizer also helps the hair soft and easy to style.

Using thickening mousse

Section the hair into layers, apply the thickening mousse onto the roots of the hair. The effect of the mousse is thickening the hair, makes hair look fuller and thicker, easier to style because it helps keep your hair in place. You should remember to use the thickening mousse while your hair still wet.

Messy waves hair

Hair drying technique

The drying technique that keeps your full and light wavy is very important. When drying your hair, you shouldn’t use a brush because it can straighten your hair, makes your hair doesn’t look thick anymore. Instead, let use your fingers to comb through your hair. Next, use a round brush to detangle the hair, remember to turn off the hair dryer while brushing the hair. After detangling the hair, let continues to blow dry and use your fingers to comb through your hair.

Make lightly wavy in the middle of the hair

Curl the hair with a curling iron

After blow-drying and the hair already has had thick natural texture, what we need to do is making the hair lock more wavy and sexier. Use a large size curling iron machine to get big and sexy waves. Second, while wrapping the hair around the curling iron, only wrap the middle of the hair, about 5-10cm from the end of the hair. This helps make your waves look more natural.

Finish the messy waves hairstyle

Finally, after curling the hair, let use a little bit hair setting spray or oil to keep your hair in place, and look shine. Use your hands to create a messy wavy look for your hair.


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