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Natural Facial Mask For Your Skin
by Barbara williams March 26, 2018

Paper masks or simple home masks can still have a good effect on your skin, but if you need a deep cleaning and nurturing, you need to use specialized masks to do the job.

Skincare routine

The basic skin care steps to remove makeup and dirt inside your pores are the steps you need to follow to take care of your skin and maintain the tighten youthful for your skin.

Including these steps:

Remove makeup with oil product ⇒ rinse off with water  ⇒ facial cleanser.

Toner ⇒ remove dead skin cell (don’t do this step every day)

Facial mask (twice/week)

Serum ⇒ mineral spray ⇒ eye cream ⇒ facial cream.

Gold mask

Specialized masks for deep care

Use deep care specialized masks will completely protect your skin, and nurture it. Your skin needs deep care steps to prolong your skin youthfulness.

Gold mask

It is the most modern trend and the most expensive mask in the market. The 24k gold mask helps improve mid-aged skin, erase wrinkles, and re-produce collagen to tighten skin, improve pigmentation, and restore damaged skin to look youthful and healthy. The 24k gold mask can also help reduce skin temperature to 6 degree Celsius, which is the best condition to reduce fat and darkness under eyes.

The steps to apply gold mask are demonstrated very detail in this video

Mineral mud mask

Mineral mud mask

Mineral mud mask is the wonderful source of need mineral for your skin. Natural mineral mud mask contains a lot of fibers, and mineral, which will penetrate deeply into your skin to remove dirt inside your pores, which helps detoxicate and moisturize your skin.

There are many kinds of mineral mud mask in the market; skincare brands produce different mineral mud masks to suit different skin textures and skin strength to make sure you can choose the most suitable mask for your skin.

Clay Mask

Clay Mask

Also is a deep cleansing mask that helps shrink pores effectively. The most favorited clay type is kaolin – a white clay mask, which helps remove sebum and dirt from pores, detox and gently moisture the skin.

In today’s market, there are many types of clay masks. Cosmetic manufacturers create different types of clay mask that suit every skin types, girls will able to find their own right mask for their skin type.

Separated zone mask

Masks that use for different areas

They are masks that use for different areas on your face, which are very popular at the moment. However, the disadvantage of these masks is that very time to consume and costly to purchase different masks for different skin areas, but the advantage is that they are more efficient and have the best result on your skin.

Suggestion: you can use natural ingredient masks for different skin areas to save cost. Turmeric mask helps reduce eye wrinkles; clay mask is for T zone to remove blackhead, rice bran mask is to moisturize check areas, yogurt mask provide hydration for skin areas that are easy to dry such as the temple areas and the outer cheek areas.


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