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New And Easy Beauty Tips
by Barbara williams March 27, 2018

In this new article, Nailchats will share some beauty that you probably didn’t know. This sharing helps you know more beauty hacks.

Let see the video for some more beauty tips

You want to have a natural brown skin, but you don’t have time to go to the spa or don’t have any tanning products at home. You can try this easy recipe: body lotion + concealer which is  darker than your skin tone. You will have a natural and healthy tanned skin.

Use a small and high cup which is used for drinking wine to put on your curvy lips for a few seconds. Then you will have full, curvy and voluptuous lips which are very favorited by stylish and modern girls. These lips are very sexy with lipstick.

There is a very simple trick that you can do whenever you have free time to get a flat and healthy belly. This breathing exercise guides you to gently exhale then slowly breath while engaging your core, hold for 20-30 seconds, then slowly exhale. Perform for about 5 times continuously.

Make face powder or loose powder with a very simple recipe. Put good quality oatmeal into a blender and puree until you have a super fine powder. Add some water to the oatmeal powder, then strain the mixture with a clean muslin. Store the dry oatmeal powder in a powder container. This handmade loose powder is very smooth, it will give a flawless effect, helps control sebum that soaks up excess oil and sweat.

If you run out of cleanser and makeup remover, you can clean your face with shaving cream, apply shaving cream onto your skin, use a cotton pad to wide your face, this will help remove makeup and dirt from your skin. Remember to wash your face with clean cold water.

Normally, people often use their hands to pat the skin with serum. Now, you can try to massage your skin for a better serum absorption by using any bottle with a roller. The roller will help your skin absorbs the serum faster and easier, while gently massaging the skin cells.

Unfortunately, you have an itchy scalp. Let find these simple things in the refrigerator at your house: 1 egg and beer. Mix them well to create a white ivory and foamy mixture. Wash your hair with this mixture, then wipe and dry your hair.

There are many other beauty tips that are waiting for you to discover in the next articles.


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