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Small Fashion Tips That Help You Look More Delicate
by Barbara williams March 23, 2018

Many people think that to look fashionable, they just need to follow the trends. Actually, suitability and context are the two factors which affect your appearance the most. Combine fashion trend with the two elements to achieve delicacy.

Here are a few small tips in fashion which are unnoticed

No need to wear high heels all the time

No need to wear high heels all the time

Women often think that only high heels can make them look more beautiful and help them mix and match with clothes easier. This is not wrong, but you have to know that wearing high heels for a long time will hurt your foot and it is not only high heels that can make you look more beautiful.

Nowadays, wedge heels are favorited these days. They can help your body look nice without hurting your foot. Therefore, your steps are more beautiful. Beauty must come from the comfort, so you don’t need to wear high heels all the time.

Wearing less jewelry

Should not wear too many pieces of jewelry

Don’t think that jewelry always makes you bright and elegant. Wearing too many pieces of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings… will make you look less sophisticated. Modern is when you know how to cut off some pieces of jewelry, only wear jewelry with delicate design.

Should not wear loose jeans

One of the biggest mistakes when wearing a jean is not paying attention to butt and thighs. Even though all other parts are fit, if butt and thighs are large, it will make you look sloppy. Notice this and try to choose a jean that fits all part of your lower body.

Should not wear loose jeans

Using the right bag

The next factor which makes you look less elegant is context. Pay attention to circumstances to choose the right bags. A bag that fits a situation will be a perfect combination.

— Big handbag for work.

— Convenient shoulder bag for hanging out with friends.

— Clutch for luxury night party.

Wearing nude bra instead of white color when wearing a too thin shirt

Don’t leave any left-over wrinkles on your sleeves

No matter how hurry you are, remember not to leave any left-over wrinkles on your sleeves (especially for a T-Shirt). Wrinkles make you look less elegant and tidy. Remember not to use too much and hang your clothes right after ironing to keep them flat.

Wearing nude bra instead of white color when wearing a transparent shirt

When wearing a transparent shirt, people often put on a white bra. This is a mistake. To look more charming and sexier, you can try another color such as skin color to make it look as if you’re not wearing anything inside. Skin color bra is a perfect choice for transparent tops.


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