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Outfits That You Can Learn From Victoria Beckham
by Barbara williams April 29, 2018

Celebrity, fashion designers Victoria Beckham is always admired by the crowd with her perfect appearance. The latest trend outfits and a fashion style which is hard to look away. Let’s take a look at a few designs that Victoria interested in in the past year.

Pleated maxi dresses

Maxi dress, which was thought to be suitable for beach only, now appears on streets or even parties and favored by many celebrities. Victoria is one of them. She was in love with pleated maxi dresses which has been the trend throughout the year 2017. Made of a luxury material such as silk and satin, these maxi dresses were favored a lot by Victoria in parties or formal meeting.

Victoria Beckham’s fashionable black suit

All black outfits

All Black style creates a strong impression on people who understand fashion. All black style is a style where all your top, bottom, shirt, skirt, coat, shoes or even bags are black. All black makes you look formal in parties or going to work. Other than that, all black is suitable for walking outside or wherever you want to be.

Long coat with luxurious outfits

Victoria Beckham’s fashion in the year 2017 was not indispensable to long coats with different colors, styles, materials. A long coat can pair with different outfits such as short skirt, trousers – t-shirt, turtleneck top… The colors and designs of long coats are very diverse, a long coat can mix and match with a lot of different items.

Victoria Beckham’s long coat

Trouser and turtleneck sweater

A new combination that you might not know. The combination of straigth trouser or simple baggy with turtleneck sweater makes women look extremely fashionable and attractive. This fashion style was her favorite choice in the whole year 2017. This is a value choice that you should learn from her.


Top and skirt are designed to look luxury and modern with the same color and material which saves a lot of time when choosing and combining outfit. However, this style still contains the formality, simplicity and modern as needed…

Victoria Beckham’s ton-sur-ton fashion

Monochrome suit

Vest and trouser with the same tone and material are very convenient for modern women like Victoria Beckham. This combination is suitable for most occasions – in a meeting, in a coffee shop or dinner parties… Stylish girls would like to wear this suit with a satin tank top or simple plain white shirt inside…


Accessories are essential for a perfect outfit. Look back at the year 2017 of Victoria Beckham, we see that she wore a lot of black and white shoes, black eyeglasses, and clutch for parties…


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