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Proper Running Technique
by Barbara williams May 12, 2018

Most of us follow our instinct when running because we often think that running is an easy exercise. However, running with the right techniques help us improve our health undoubtedly and avoid injury in a long-running exercise. 

A few notes before beginning with running

Run properly to prevent injury

When starting, it is easy to get hurt and waste time to recover if you rush right into heavy training. Do not spend your effort this type of exercise at first.

To achieve a good start, remember the following tips:

+ Start and try to finish short runs and small targets first. Then increase running distance as well as the running time when your body gets used to the small running pace.

+ Try slow to medium speed but proper technique first and increase speed gradually.

+ You don’t need to run every day but try to stably schedule the running time at a time daily or weekly.

+ Run on different terrains only when you get used to running. On the other hand, flat ground and running machines are suitable for the beginner.

Proper running posture

Watch the following clip know more about how to properly run and the best running posture.

Proper running technique

Running technique

  1. Head

The goal is to feel comfortable while running. While running, keep your head straight, look forward with your chin pointing to your chest. Neck and backbone should be straight to reduce pressure on your neck.

  1. Shoulder

Do not tense your shoulder. Keep your upper body relax and comfortable. Lower your shoulder and keep your breath stable. Do not lift your shoulder too high to your ear which can damage your neck.

Open your chest not too wide and do bending your back too much.

  1. The hands and arms

When running, you shouldn’t swing your arms too much since it can affect your running, lead to wasting energy and make your muscles tired quickly.

Hold your hand with your elbows bent at 90 degrees angle, move your arm towards and backward to enhance the speed and durability. You also pay attention to hold your hands relaxed like you’re holding something circular.

Running correctly to improves our health

  1. Abdominal muscles

Many people have lower back aches when running, the reason is that they did not hold back their abdominal muscles.

The tight core will help lift your chest to the right direction and reduce muscle pain. Remember to engage your core when running, keep your pelvis and lower back in a steady state to minimize the risk of injury.

  1. Foot

The key part of proper running is your foot should contact the ground naturally and gently by the middle part of your foot and then roll off the toe. Keep your foot balance to create power for the next moves.

Remember not to stomp your feet when running because this will cause leg pain and reduce the durability.

Let drink mineral water when running to help your body get back the energy. Now, let start your running with these proper techniques with a short distance for 3-6 months, then try a longer distance. will come back when you are familiar with this running exercise.


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