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Running – A Great Exercise For Health
by Barbara williams April 25, 2018

In all of the methods and exercises, running is an easy and effective method that brings great benefit to our body health.

Why is running a great exercise for health?

With the excellent workout results from running, the coaches and people who have run for many years share the wonderful effects of running to our body health as following

Running for long-term health

+ Helps to lose weight and tone up muscles

With the effect of running, most of the muscles on the body are working, especially the calf, arm muscles, the hips, back, and belly areas of the body.

After a long-term and steady training process, the fatty tissue will disappear and is replaced with the lean muscles, you will get an unbelievable transforming and healthy body.

+ Good for the cardiovascular system

Regularly running will help pump blood and oxygen to the cells, prevent blood vessel blockage due to the bad cholesterol. Therefore, it makes your heart work much healthier.

+ Strengthen the immune system and relieve stress

When you run outside regularly, you will exposure to natural climates, your resistance will gradually improve and help you stay healthy.

Running also helps release hormones endorphins, which give you the relax feeling, contribute to relieve stress, help you to start a great new day.

So, let start planning your running exercise with a healthy diet.

Warm up your body before running

Warming up is always needed for running, you need to warm up your body following the instructions of the video below

To make running becomes easier, you should warm up your body and muscles by the fast walking before starting to run.

For warming up, you should not choose to passively stretch your muscles like the normal static stretching exercises, this causes adverse effects on the muscles when you start to run.

Instead of those exercises, let warm up your body with dynamic stretching exercises such as quick walk.

Warm up for running

Small exercises for hamstring and calves before running

Put your left leg forward, slightly bend your knee, keep your back straight.

Slowly bend across at the waist, to stretch out your calf and hamstring.

Stand straight after a couple seconds. Perform this exercise 5-7 times to warm up the body and the calf muscles before running.

Next, place your foot toward a wall and use pressure to stretch your foot make it becomes active before your run.

There will be other methods in our next posts.

Running for weight loss

A few things to keep in mind during the weigth-loss running process

  • Eat a banana or an apple at least 30 minutes before running to provide energy to your body.

  • Do stretching exercises.

  • Choose the right exercise at the beginning, then enhance the intensity to improve your health.

  • Always drink water when needed.

  • You can choose a music playlist for running to create the inspiration and improve your workout performance.


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