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Moisturizing And Hydrating – What’s The Difference?
12 - 07 - 2017 /Skincare

Today, many people still misunderstand that moisturizing and hydrating are the same. It’s time for you to know the truth about these two skincare methods, do not misunderstand that these two are one, this may lead to a wrong skincare routine. Distinguish between the skin that needs to be moisturized and hydrated — From the first step, […]

Stay Away From The Factors That Make Your Skin Darken
06 - 30 - 2017 /Skincare

A healthy skin is not a pale white but a light, uniform in color, soft smooth, and healthy skin. So what makes ladies most interested in is not to let their skin get dark, causing uneven skin color, affecting both their aesthetic  and health. Why skin is darken To define one single reason that causes […]

Understanding Acne And Avoiding Squeezing Acne
04 - 19 - 2016 /Skincare

It is untruth if someone tells you that they have never had acne. Nearly everyone suffers from a pimple outbreak at some point in life, but not all of them experience normally and think it is the small problem. The pimple problems can be worse and becomes the biggest haunt in their life. One of the factors that can […]

Formula For Making Beauty Mask From Glutinous Rice And Heart Lotus
06 - 28 - 2017 /Skincare

Long ago, homemade masks have become popular with all women. In addition to the familiar recipes, there is a homemade mask which is made with premium formulas of glutinous rice, heart lotus along with yogurt and honey that will become an extremely effective new method of beauty for girls. Glutinous rice According to modern nutritional […]

Understand Properly Blackheads And How To Effectively Beat Them
06 - 27 - 2017 /Skincare

Blackheads are a hardtype of acne, blackhead pimple. The sebaceous fluid is transferred into acne when oxidized by exposure to air which causes the head of acne to become black. Blackheads make the skin surface not smooth, usually slightly protruding,  rough when touched. Although acne does not affect health, it affects the aesthetic beauty of […]

Worries about Wrinkles of Women
06 - 26 - 2017 /Skincare
06 - 26 - 2017 /Skincare

Wrinkles are the most obvious sign of getting old. The older you are, the more wrinkles you have. In the physiological factors of the skin, appearance of wrinkles is maybe the most natural thing and cannot be prevented. But you can completely prolong your youth as well as slow down the aging process and minimize […]

Facts about Melasma (chloasma)
06 - 22 - 2017 /Skincare
06 - 22 - 2017 /Skincare

One of the skin diseases that make women worry most is melasma (chloasma). The older women are, the more likely they get this disease. Sometimes melasma does not affect health but sometimes it is the expression of some potential disease hidden in your body. Definition of Melasma (chloasma) Melasma (chloasma) is a kind of skin […]

Skin Aging and How to Stop It
06 - 21 - 2017 /Skincare
06 - 21 - 2017 /Skincare

Not only is aging skin a part of human nature but it is also inevitable for human to bear it as well. Poor skin color, starting to lose the smoothness, the lack of brightness and wrinkle appearances all of which are considered  to be the signs of the skin aging process.    Causes According to […]

How To Tighten Large Pores And All Things We Need  To Know
06 - 20 - 2017 /Skincare

Big pores of the skin do not pose a health risk but it  affects to  the confidence in communication. Long-term situation is  not good for spiritual life. Especially for women, pores make you look older, makeup harder. How To Tighten Pores And All The Things To Know Oily skin leads to enlarged pores and acne […]

The Care of Neck Skin
06 - 09 - 2017 /Skincare
06 - 09 - 2017 /Skincare

Neck skin is where the women usually do neglect not to care the most. Although they know the consequences of the lack of care, the actual results show that the neck skin is where the highest rank in the rate of the fastest-aging skin. Because neck skin is naturally the most sensitive and aging rapidly […]

Caring For The Skin Around The Eyes
06 - 08 - 2017 /Skincare
06 - 08 - 2017 /Skincare

The skin around the eyes is always fragile, sensitive to be easily affected by the environment, the surrounding climate. So you need to take care to minimize puffy eyes, dark circles, wrinkles and signs of aging.   Use specific eye cream Use products having vitamin K, ingredients containing haloxyl, nicotinic acid, coffee, retinol, ceramides and moisturizing creams […]

Persistence Is Necessary For Acne Treatment
06 - 08 - 2017 /Skincare

Having a beautiful skin is the wish of all girls, no one would expect any ugly expression from their skin. But one problem which almost every girl has is that most of them have already had come out pimple. Persistence is necessary for treatment of acne and remembers that “Hast makes waste”   Why is […]

Summer Skin Nourishing Mask (Part 2)
06 - 07 - 2017 /Skincare
06 - 07 - 2017 /Skincare

A hot summer with many troubles is coming. Not only does it bring hot weather, but it also makes people’s skin be worse because of hot and suffocating air. The skin is sweaty and becomes dirtier and oilier, which makes girls be uncomfortable and irritable to their moods. Take care of your skin with a nourishing […]

Mineral Spray – Gift for Your Fresh Skin
06 - 13 - 2017 /Skincare

Mineral Spray is a pretty new concept of beauty care in recent years. It derives from the hot trend in South Korea – king of beauty care. There are a variety of kinds of mineral spray from many famous cosmetics brands and different segmentations, depending on girls’ needs. However, not all the beauty has a […]

Combination Skin and Right Skin Care
06 - 15 - 2017 /Skincare
06 - 15 - 2017 /Skincare

The first step in skin caring of a girl is to identify her skin type. The bases to identify skin type are: the amount of water to determine elasticity, the amount of oil to show the smooth stone, sensitivity to show the allergic capacity. And then, we categorize them into four main kinds of skin: […]