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How To Properly Use A Face Mask
03 - 16 - 2018 /Skincare
03 - 16 - 2018 /Skincare

Using face mask is a favorited beauty method that has been existed for a long time. However, not everyone knows how to use a face mask correctly as well as not really understood about this beauty method. But the fact is that we need to know more about the face mask for proper use. The sleeping […]

Things You Should Know About Tanning Bath
02 - 27 - 2018 /Skincare

In the modern life, beauty standard is continuously changing. Recently, girls are interested in the brown skin instead of the bright white skin as before. What are things girls should know about brown skin? Standard of Beautiful Brown Skin Beautiful brown skin has to be smooth and healthy Don’t mistake healthy brown skin with a sunburn […]

Golden Rules Of Anti-Aging
02 - 23 - 2018 /Skincare
02 - 23 - 2018 /Skincare

Besides the need for skin whitening or acne treatment, many people have a high demand for skin anti-aging. Secret tips are different from rules, we have to follow and always remember the rules. So what are golden rules of anti-aging? Rule: Prevention Is Better Than Cure Signs of skin aging ♥ Don’t wait until your […]

Wake Up Tired Skin After Sleepless Nights
02 - 18 - 2018 /Skincare

Sleep is extremely important for the skin. And is one of the factors that impact skin health of girls. Even how prudent you take care of the skin, it’s still affected if you don’t get enough sleep or don’t have a good sleep. Sleep disorders Sleep disorders will impact the skin Is a popular disorder […]

5 Things You Should Do While You Sleep To Improve Your Beauty
02 - 03 - 2018 /Skincare

Maybe you always wonder why many girls wakeup looking still amazing, but you don’t even want to look at yourself in a mirror. The fact is that you should do these following things to look more and more beautiful. 5 Things You Should Do While You Sleep To Improve Your Beauty Sleeping on your back […]

How To Take Care Of The Skin After Having Spa Treatments
01 - 26 - 2018 /Skincare

Good take care is essential for the skin after having skin therapies at the spa. This will help heal the skin faster, reduce damages, and support the treatment process. How To Take Care Of The Skin After Having Spa Treatments Skin is often affected by small impacts when having treatment Nowadays, women likely to have different […]

Treatment For Cold Burn
01 - 16 - 2018 /Skincare
01 - 16 - 2018 /Skincare

You should know the skincare routine and skin first aid when it comes to cold burn due to this severe winter in order to protect your skin from dangers, such as necrosis and cell injuries. Definition of cold burns Besides common heat (thermal) burns which are caused by high temperature, cold burns are also dangerous. With […]

Microneedling – The Most Modern, Advanced Skincare Treatment Technique
01 - 07 - 2018 /Skincare

Is so different from other skincare treatment methods. This microneedling method is also known as skin needling therapy, which has a deeper treatment effect on the skin, not just a skincare therapy that will give a distinct effect compares to other methods which just impact the outer layer of skin. Microneedling – The Most Modern, Advanced Skincare […]

Right Way To Use Mineral Water Spray
12 - 30 - 2017 /Skincare
12 - 30 - 2017 /Skincare

Skin care method of using mineral water spray has been discussed a lot recently. This technique is favorite and pleased a lot of us girls. We cannot deny the benefits of mineral water spray. Therefore, If you are interested in this method and how to use it to maximize the benefits it brings, read these […]

Winter And Using Sunscreen
12 - 15 - 2017 /Skincare
12 - 15 - 2017 /Skincare

Sunscreen is a familiar skincare routine for girls. Wearing Sunscreen in every season of the year, even in the winter, is very necessary. Sunscreen is needed for your skin even in the winter Soft and smooth sunscreen lotion Even though in the winter, it’s cold and feels like we do not see the sun, a […]

Moisturizing And Hydrating – What’s The Difference?
12 - 07 - 2017 /Skincare

Today, many people still misunderstand that moisturizing and hydrating are the same. It’s time for you to know the truth about these two skincare methods, do not misunderstand that these two are one, this may lead to a wrong skincare routine. Distinguish between the skin that needs to be moisturized and hydrated — From the first step, […]

Stay Away From The Factors That Make Your Skin Darken
06 - 30 - 2017 /Skincare

A healthy skin is not a pale white but a light, uniform in color, soft smooth, and healthy skin. So what makes ladies most interested in is not to let their skin get dark, causing uneven skin color, affecting both their aesthetic  and health. Why skin is darken To define one single reason that causes […]

Understanding Acne And Avoiding Squeezing Acne
04 - 19 - 2016 /Skincare

It is untruth if someone tells you that they have never had acne. Nearly everyone suffers from a pimple outbreak at some point in life, but not all of them experience normally and think it is the small problem. The pimple problems can be worse and becomes the biggest haunt in their life. One of the factors that can […]

Formula For Making Beauty Mask From Glutinous Rice And Heart Lotus
06 - 28 - 2017 /Skincare

Long ago, homemade masks have become popular with all women. In addition to the familiar recipes, there is a homemade mask which is made with premium formulas of glutinous rice, heart lotus along with yogurt and honey that will become an extremely effective new method of beauty for girls. Glutinous rice According to modern nutritional […]

Understand Properly Blackheads And How To Effectively Beat Them
06 - 27 - 2017 /Skincare

Blackheads are a hardtype of acne, blackhead pimple. The sebaceous fluid is transferred into acne when oxidized by exposure to air which causes the head of acne to become black. Blackheads make the skin surface not smooth, usually slightly protruding,  rough when touched. Although acne does not affect health, it affects the aesthetic beauty of […]