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Snacks That Are Good For Health
by Barbara williams April 13, 2018

Snacks are food that you can eat at noon, when you’re hungry or whenever you have free time. But what types of snacks that are good for your health and provide energies without making you fat?

 Let’s see the video below for a list of healthy snacks!

(Credit: Youtube, Dr. Mona Vand)

Canned vegetable salads to take to work

Different types of vegetables

People usually get bored of eating vegetables, but these following vegetables are ideal snacks because they last longer and have a small size that is easy for you to carry: Cherry tomatoes, peas, Japanese soybeans, boiled green bean. These vegetables are rich in vitamin and are a good source of energy for you. You can store them in jars or zip lock plastic bags to take to work or to go camping…

Healthy power snack

Packed power snacks

The instant snacks for kids only contain synthetic flavors, baking powder, and a lot of calories that are not good for your body. The packed power snacks are quite different from the instant snacks, they contain more nutrients and are made from natural ingredients such as beans, nuts with cocoa or coffee, their smell will stimulate your appetite. These snacks often have a small size and are easy to eat.

Healthy energy balls


You can conveniently make a snack to take to work or for a picnic with an avocado. Avocado contains a lot of vitamins and efficiently provides energies for the body. You can also mix the avocado with the snack powers or dried foods to make it more delicious.

Avocados are easy to prepare and eat, you can cube and store them in a jar. Or just cut the avocado in half and slide a snack into the flesh of the avocado.

Avocado is a healthy snack

Celery and veggie cream cheese

There is a perfect choice for those who love the healthy snacks, that is the combination of celery and veggie cream cheese which is made from almonds and vegetables. Celeries are precious vegetables that are high in vitamin and have a stable structure, you can quickly prepare them by cutting them into small pieces. Or you can even eat them with veggie cream cheese.

It’s very delicious when you eat them together. Cream cheese with a moderate fatty taste is good for your health without making you fat.

Oats are always good for your health

Oats powder

Oats are rich in vitamin and minerals, which provide energy for your body better than other starches, make your skin and body beautiful without making you fat. There are many types of oats that you can buy at the markets, such as raw oats, you can eat them with fresh milk.

However, for the instant use you can choose the oats powder which is made from raw oats and milk powder, then use them with warm water.

Almond chia seed pudding is nutritious and delicious

Chia seed pudding

The last snack food that Nailchats would like to introduce to you is the healthy and easy-to-make chia seed pudding. It’s very simple and quick to prepare and make this snack, what you need is a glass jar with a cap. Place the chia seeds in a jar (about 1/3 the jar), mix together the almond milk and shake well for about 30 minutes, then you can use it right after or leave it in the refrigerator overnight for your breakfast.


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