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Tricks To Get The Most Modern Bun
by Barbara williams March 30, 2018

A normal bun without any creative style doesn’t bring out the outstanding or stylish look. A modern bun will make you look youthful, fashionable. It is suitable for hanging out with friends or the party…

The new techniques to make modern buns will create natural and messy look with falling locks of hair. Not everyone can style their hair into a bun like that. You need to have skill and technique. Nailchats would like to introduce some ways to make modern buns throught the following video.

Hair coloring

Hair coloring plays an important role to make girls look younger, more fashionable and modern. The more bright your hair color is, the more attractive your bun looks. Hair with two colors will create a beautiful bun because of the combination of these colors.

Slightly curl and color the hair before making a bun

Slightly curl the hair

To make the bun looks thick, slightly curled, feminine and eye-catching, you should use a hair styling machine to create slightly curled or wavy hair. The layer on layer of wavy hair will create a natural and fashionable look. Your hair will also look thicker, you can style your hair to more styles, not like the straight hairs, you can only make a simple bun with them.

Curl and secure the locks of hair one by one, not at the same time

Secure the locks of hair one by one

You are definitely wrong if you make the bun by simply tieing all your hair. An artistic and fashionable bun requires more skills to make. Divide your hair into sections, twist each section, then secure them with bobby pins into the position that you want. It’s easy for you to create more bun styles since dividing your hair into sections, you can be creative to place the hair sections in different places and different ways.

Pull and style the bun with your hands to make it looks more natural

Pull the bun with the hands

Usually, after making a bun, people often don’t touch the bun because they are afraid that they can loosen it… That is an old idea. Nowadays, people love to pull pieces of hair out from the hair for a messy look or lightly pull the hair at the back of the bun to loosen it and let it naturally fall. Do not worry because bobby pins and hairspray will keep your bun tight.

Puff the hairs to make them look thicker


Before making a bun, people often puff their front or top part of their hair to make it look stronger and thicker than the straight and flat one. This is a modern technique in hair styling to camouflage the defect of thin, unhealthy hair.

Cleverly mixing with accessories

Mixing with accessories

Decorate the bun by using dry flowers, gold or silver hair accessories, you will get an elegant and modern bun that you have it for parties or your wedding.

Let try these modern and fashionable bun hairstyle.


content & photograph credit ® 2018 nailchats

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