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Tulip Flower Nail Art Designs
by Barbara williams March 28, 2018

Pretty, elegant Tulip flower is always a favorited nail art design of girls because it brings out a noble and feminine look for girls who wear it.

Tulip – a noble flower of the beautiful land.

Tulip flower

Is a beautiful flower of Netherlands. There are thousands of brilliant flower fields in the Netherlands. However, Tulips were first cultivated in the Middle East. Then they were imported into the Netherlands in the sixteenth century and were the most popular and favorited flowers.

There were many tulip trends in the past, however, there are only about 150 pieces of the tulip on over the world includes North Africa, Europe, Central Asia and East Asia. Tulip season runs from April until May.

Nowadays, the tulip is used as a decoration of the garden or bouquet. 80% of beautiful tulip flowers come from the Netherlands.

How to paint a Tulip

Blooming Tulip nail art design

Check out the video below for updates on Tulip nail art designs.

(Source: Youtube – channel Paulina’s Passions)

This simple nail art design with light white, delicate decoration will suit office girls or teenagers.

Steps to do this nail art design:

Step 1: Paint all your nails with a coat of milk-white nail polish. Apply more coats on the nails that you want to paint tulips. Use a hair dryer to dry the nails.

Step 2: Use 3 colors: light pink – “Like A Princess”, bright purple-pink – “Pink Elephant”, and black – “Black Poison” to paint the tulips.

Step 3: Take out a sufficient amount of the 3 nail polishes and choose the number 005 brush. Paint 3 Tulip buds by painting small ovals with the “Like A Princess” nail polish. Remember to continuous draw strokes from the center point to create shy flower buds.

Step 4: Use a hair dryer to dry the nails. To make the flowers look more natural, you can use a sparkling white nail polish and a brush to decorate them with details on the petals.

Step 5: Use the “Pink Elephant” nail polish to draw more details for the petals, remember not let them cover the whole white strokes to create an ombre effect and make the flowers look more natural and real.

Step 6: Draw the flowers with the “Black Poison” nail polish. Remember to paint from the bottom of the nail. Add some branches for small flowers to finish the nail art design.

Step 7: Dry your nails with a UV light dryer. Apply a top coat to keep the nail art design lasts longer.

Step 8: Paint the other nails the same color with the Tulip buds to create a contrast for the nail art design.


content & photograph credit ® 2018 nailchats

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