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Ways To Thicken Hair That You Might Not Know
by Barbara williams May 3, 2018

Thin and straight hair usually makes you look bored, while thick and full hair makes you look sexier. That’s why women always look for ways to create more volume to their hair.

Wash the hair

To get thicker and fuller hair, you have to pay attention when washing your hair. Use shampoo and hair conditioner that best suit your hair. It’s recommended to use products that contain keratin – a protein that helps hair to grow faster and thicker. When you rinse your hair, you should draw your hair upside down, they will look thicker after finishing.

Remember not to rub your hair too much, you should gently pat your hair dry with a clean towel.

Choose a round brush and a concentrator nozzle to create more volume to the hair

Use thickening product before drying the hair

Let use thickening product that makes your hair thicker and fuller when your hair is still wet after the shower, this will provide more nutrients and protect the hair from harmful effects of the hairdryer.

Dry the hair with a hairdryer

When drying your hair with hair dryer, you should remember these things to make your hair thicker and fuller. Use a round brush which is usually used for hair styling, choose a medium heat setting, don’t use too much heat. Same as shampoo, you should draw your hair upside down and blow them from the scalp, once you have finished, your hair will look thicker and fuller.

Let choose the one-side parting line to create volume to the hair

Style the hair

For this step, do the same with the hair blowing step, you have to use a big round brush and a hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle to style your hair. The first and the most important step in styling hair is to part your hair before blowing dry. We use round brush to blow dry the roots first.

To get more volume to your hair, you should remember to part your hair with the 7:3 or at least 6:4 ratio. Your hair will look thinner with a middle parting line.

Hair rollers help thicken the hair very well

Use hair rollers

If you don’t want to úe hairdryer to make your hair thicker and fuller, you can use hair rollers. The rules are choosing big sized hair rollers and divide your hair into 4 sections. You have to pull and roll your hair far away from your face. Wait for at least 30 minutes, you will have thick and full hair as you want.

Use a hair curler or a hair crimper

Using a hair curler is also a quick technique to get more volume to your hair. Separate your hair into sections and curl the inner layers. By doing this, your hair will look thick naturally.

Besides, you can also use a hair crimper, this is a new technique for girls who want thick hair. Let crim the roots of the inner hair layers, then cover them with the outer ones, you will be surprised with the result.

Using hair crimper is also another idea

Roll the hair with rubber bands before going to bed

If you’re lazy and don’t have much time for your hair in the next morning. Let use rubber bands and make top bun hair. In the next morning, remove the rubber bands, and you will get thick hair naturally, you only need to brush them and use a little hair fixer spray.


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