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What To Eat To Detox The Kidney
by Barbara williams March 31, 2018

The kidneys play an important role as they help detox our body. Besides that, we should also have a healthy diet with foods that help cleanse our kidneys to keep us always healthy and live longer.

Functions of the kidney

Protect the kidney’s function

The kidney is the main excretory organ of the urinary system, helps the body to excrete urine and serves many important functions for the natural physiology of the body.

Other functions of the kidney besides excretory function:

+ Blood filtration function.

+ Blood circulation function: kidney controls the blood volume by producing urine output of the body.

+ Regulating ion concentration in blood.

+ Synthesis of Vitamin D.

The kidneys play an important role in the body physiology system. Therefore we need to protect the kidney protection from chronic kidney disease since it will affect the other organs in the body.

Foods that help cleanse our kidney

This video is a list of foods which are good for kidney health and detox the kidney.

+ Succulent fruits which are grown in cold weather such as strawberries, cherry, raspberries,… These fruits help remove uric acid to protect the kidney and antioxidant.

Parsley and celery are really good for the kidney

+Parsley: is a herbal food, helps increase urine flow and cleanses the kidney efficiently. Eating or drinking parsley juice once a week helps eliminate bacteria and clean up the toxins in the kidneys. In addition, parsley is also used to make medicines which treat kidney stones.

+ Ginger: Drinking ginger tea every day is a good way to cleanse the kidneys, purify the blood, improve the digestive system. Besides, ginger is good for liver protection and people with diabetes as it helps maintain the glucose level in the blood.

+ Turmeric: Also is a herb which can detox the kidney efficiently. With anti-inflammatory property, turmeric is a master food in the treatment of kidney inflammation. Use organic turmeric powder every day to see the difference.

Ginger and turmeric are great herbs for the kidney

+ Celery: Helps increase urine flow to remove toxins from the body. Essential nutrients in celery help purify the kidney and make the kidney works better.

+ Blueberries: Drinking blueberries juice helps prevent urinary tract infections and cleanse the kidneys by removing excess calcium oxalate which is the main cause of kidney stones.

+ Lemonade: Regularly drinking lemonade will reduce the accumulation of kidney stones, the acidity of lemon increases the citric acid in the urine and prevent the formation of kidney stones. Let have a glass of lemonade in the morning if possible to gain many health benefits.

Some foods that we should eat less often

To prevent kidney disease, you should also limit the following foods because they affect the amount of potassium in the body, cause kidney stones and kidney inflammation.

Drink less soft drinks

+ Soft drinks: raise your blood sugar level and fat accumulation which cause atherosclerosis, kidney stones.

+ Deep fried meats: are lost all nutrients including potassium since the body drains more water when we eat fried foods.

+ Butter: let choose margarine instead of butter to protect the kidney health.

+ Frozen foods: are lost many nutrients since people frozen the foods for too long when they export to the foreign countries. A lack of potassium in the body will cause kidney disease easily.


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